All in for Love: A Spiritual Adventure

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High on a New Mexico mesa top in a tiny mud hut, Lesley King, while on assignment for a magazine, reaches out her hand to pick up a priceless Acoma pot and it crumbles between her fingers. This marks the beginning of a tumultuous journey when her life, like the pot, falls apart. For nearly two decades Lesley has pursued her passion as a travel writer. Her career is the mate she never married, the child she never birthed. But it no longer nourishes her.

While her existence as she knows it dies, her mother, who is her best friend, enters her final days. Lesley, fearful about these losses, knows she has to create a life that will support her body and heart, but she can’t imagine how. As her savings dwindle she has no choice but to turn to the spiritual Power within. She becomes “all in for love.”

Written with vivid prose, a bit of lyrical poetry, and the mystical essence of works by Rumi and Hafiz, this blog-to-book story illustrates the beauty of letting go of the old to usher in the new.

“One must live the truth, not just know it, and this book is a beautiful narrative of living and loving that others may find inspiring to accomplish the same.”—Michael Hock, substance and mental health system designer, poet, and author of The Sky is Walking on the Earth. 

“This book is a massage for the soul.”—Lois Gilbert, author of River of Summer, Without Mercy, Returning to Taos, and Lost in the Gila

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