Write Your Way to Freedom

Be the Creator

Imagine that you write what is dearest to your heart. You don’t worry about some snarly editor or boss lifting a brow or piles of rejection letters filling your mailbox. Instead, you let your creativity flow. You punctuate your joy, detail your bliss. You offer hope to your readers and send them love.

Now imagine that you do this whenever and wherever you want. You sleep in, maybe, then get up and write. You take a midday walk.

Or maybe you’re at the beach and you work a little at dawn before swimming with sea turtles.

Now I won’t promise a life like this, but I can give you some writing tools to help you move closer to it.

In this world of your imagination, you are writing only for you and your audience. You know you have an inspiring message to deliver and you know how to deliver it.

I have likely been where you are.

I have worked jobs that started out exciting, but eventually became dull.

As a travel writer reviewing for Frommer’s, I started out loving what I called “eating and sleeping around.” I had the perfect job, traveling to beautiful places to stay in hotels and resorts, eat in restaurants, and visit sites—and write about my adventures doing so. But after some fifteen years of this, I grew weary. I wanted to write about a subject that had depth, that inspired me.

I knew I wanted to write from my true heart, to express my highest and most profound love.

I no longer wanted to be chained to my mind’s idea of safety and sustenance. I wanted to be my own boss and to create my own world. And I found the way to do it.

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Four reasons you will love this course

This program is a blueprint for how to Write Your Way to Freedom. Here’s what the five-week course includes:

  • Each week you’ll receive at least one lesson on how to build your platform, which means you will attract an audience for your writing.
  • Each week I will give a writing lesson. You will write and share, and I’ll give immediate feedback that is constructive and loving, so your writing can improve.
  • Each week we will also have a Q&A session so we can help clarify anything that might not be completely clear to you.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow members to brainstorm solutions, trade experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice from me. Whatever your problem, the community and I are here to help you solve it.

You need an audience

Just two years ago I realized I needed to build a platform. The writing business was like a house of cards collapsing around me. Publishers shut their doors, magazines disappeared. The power and responsibility for finding readership shifted to the individual. I had to find the audience I wanted to reach.

I had to recreate my life.

With guidance from on high I decided to go for it, to create my most cherished job—what I would do for no money at all. That job was to write about spirituality and adventure and teach others to follow their hearts in their writing.

Today my blog receives some 1,000 reads per month, and on social media I reach some 1,500 people. Most of all, I am happy. I live a blessed life in which I set my own schedule each day. I choose when and how I exercise, play and write. My work no longer feels like work. It is simply joyful giving from my true self.

Badge Icon - Burst OrangeYour Biggest Benefit is Professional Feedback

You can find all kinds of free information on the Internet, but professional editing is expensive. The feedback and editing you receive in this course on a weekly basis will catapult your writing to a new level.

I have taught writing for such prestigious institutions as University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts and University of California at San Diego. As well, I have taught creative and travel writing courses for WordHarvest Writing Workshops and UNESCO. And my writing has appeared in books and many national magazines.

Here’s what one author says:

Lesley S. King’s critiques give me goosebumps. Her insights slice through the knotty shortcomings in my writing and loosen the chokehold I keep on my creativity. She challenges me to go deeper, think harder, write better, and most of all, persevere when I want to throw the manuscript at the wall and give up. She’s kind, honest, knowledgeable, astute, and relentless. She’s the best editor I know, and a terrific writer.

—Lois Gilbert, author of River of Summer, Without Mercy and Returning to Taos

Icon - Gold CoinsWhere’s the money?

The course provides a number of ways to put you in immediate contact with your audience so you can get to know them, find out what they like and don’t like, and most of all find out their deepest needs and desires.

They trust you and want more of what you offer. Here are some possible offerings:

  • If you choose to, you can blog and then turn your blog posts into a book or eBook.
  • Create a material product, for example journals, or greeting cards or art.
  • Teach courses on what you know. If this interests you it may be your best tool for generating income on the Internet. In my extended course, we will spend time discussing being an expert in your field.
  • Work individually with people in your area of expertise by being a coach.

And there are other ways to monetize your writing, if you so choose. You can

  • invite businesses to advertise on your website or blog,
  • ask your readers to donate money or pay for a membership to receive your content, and/or
  • be an affiliate. This means you sell someone else’s product—a course or a software program, for example—to your list. Online businesses pay substantially to their affiliates, so if you help them sell a high-ticket item you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars when one of your subscribers purchases the affiliate product.

The biggest point I want to make about the monetization of your project is that when you lovingly give, uncountable benefits come back to you. This course will help you

  • expand your creative horizons
  • connect with other creative people, and
  • open doors to new possibilities.
You already have everything you need. Living a creative life is about owning that assumption and actuating it in your life.

For some 20 years I’ve trusted this and it has proven true.

More reasons you will love this course

Icon - Free GreenAfter the five-week course, you’ll receive FREE a one-month membership in The Writer’s Adventure Team.

With this membership, each month you’ll get four lessons pertaining to a specific theme. They are quick, ten-minute weekly teachings that will keep you learning and moving forward in your creation. They will cover the following topics:

  • Social Media and Platform Building – Each month I will further develop the information I offer in this course to help you find an audience.
  • Writing/Blogging Tips and Tools – This will include lessons on how to make your writing correct and irresistible.
  • Lessons on Living a Creative Life – Courage and tips so you can create a supportive schedule and fun work.

Even more important, you’ll receive the benefit of an online community of writers. The Writer’s Adventure Club offers:

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  • A forum where you can ask questions about your most pressing technical and writing issues, to keep your creation joyful and moving forward.
  • The ability to help others keep a progressive attitude in their business.
  • Support from the community to overcome any fears that may arise.


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The Internet offers immediate feedback

 You may ask, “What if the whole business model doesn’t work? What if I invest time and money and I’m not able to find an audience?”

That’s a very real fear. I meet it every day as I step forward with my creation.

The best answer I can give is that the Internet is no different from the physical world. You are meeting people, getting to know them and then offering what you have.

If what you have to offer is worthwhile, people will be drawn to it, whether in the everyday world or on the Internet. So if what you offer doesn’t draw an audience, great. Then you know you need to modify your offering or your presentation, and this course will help.

Being the creator isn’t necessarily about succeeding. It’s about being willing to step in and take risks. When we take the step, the great creative force can guide us on our path. Each path is different and requires adjustments along the way.

The Internet offers immediate feedback. You don’t have to build a brick-and-mortar building and put up a sign. It’s all virtual and thus much easier to reevaluate and turn on a dime.

And this community and I will be there to help you turn if you need to.

Arrow - PurpleTransform weaknesses into strengths

Maybe you fear sharing your writing.

That can be a challenge. Again I encourage you to step in. The only way we ever improve anything is by doing it. Again and again. That is how our weaknesses transform into strengths.

Fortunately in this course the classes will be online, so your blushing, your fear, will be less visible. And once you get to know your fellow workshop members and me, the discomfort will dissipate.

“Lesley’s guidance opened the flood gates for me to write from my heart. The feedback has been a tremendous help in refining my writing skills. I’m now inspired and confident to take the leap and commit to a weekly blog on my website that I can share with a more diverse audience.”—Ross Barable, Soundscapes International

Arrow - PurpleIt’s time to make the time

You may fear that you just don’t have time to take a course.

If that’s the case, you need to make time.

For some 30 years I’ve woken at dawn to write the books and articles closest to my heart. For at least an hour a day I give myself this gift.

That little window of time is how I manifest my dreams.

If you dream of living a richer life than you currently do, I encourage you to invest the time to make it happen.

Course specifics

  • The 5-week course will start on November 2nd and meet for an hour and a half weekly
  • It meets on Saturday at 10 am MST
  •  If you miss a class or two, you have the option to tune into the recorded version at your leisure.

Beyond that, I’ll recommend that you commit to an hour of writing per week. That should give you enough material to participate in the course.

Arrow - PurpleA value offer

Now you may ask, “Why should I pay for a course when I could find all kinds of information for free on the Internet?”

Here’s why: Most online courses teach aggressive marketing tactics. Putting it bluntly, the instruction isn’t very conscious. It’s mostly about getting.

What I teach is about giving.

It’s about sharing the Divine or creative love that each of us brings through from on high. Yes, you may benefit from it, but consciousness itself will be the greatest recipient.

An even more important reason you may want to pay for this course is that information you may receive on the Internet is very different from feedback directed precisely at your project. The main asset of the course is the professional editing and feedback you will receive.

What have you got to lose?

This course not only taught me ways to improve my writing skills but also how to market my writings to achieve financial freedom doing what I truly love to do. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels the urge to write what they love and then to share it with the world.—Michael D. Baggetta, Author and Business Development Officer

Again, here is what the course offers:

  • A weekly lesson to help your audience find you.
  • A weekly workshop so you get immediate feedback in order to become a skilled writer.
  • A weekly Q&A session to help you solve problems.
  • Access to a tight-knit online community of fellow writers, to help you manifest work freedom.

As well, the course includes a FREE 1-month membership in The Writer’s Adventure Team, which offers:

  • Social media and platform building so you continue connecting with your audience.
  • Writing/Blogging Tips and Tools to keep sharpening your skills.
  • A lesson on living a creative life to help you step into your new creation and live it.
  • An online community of writers so you have constant support for any problems that arise.

All this for just


Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeAnd in order to make you feel even better about the course, I offer a money-back guarantee. After the first week, if you don’t want to continue, for whatever reason, I will refund your money in full.

P.S. Remember, the greatest asset of this course is the direct feedback. My one-on-one clients pay $50 per hour for this. You will receive more than five hours, a $300 value.

Click below to sign up now. Again, after the first session, if you aren’t satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund.

Today is the day to step toward a more supportive and free life.

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