Writer’s Adventure Team 4

Prioritize Your Writing

Many years ago I took a magazine article-writing course from a woman named Eileen Stanton. She had a saying that I still abide by daily:

“Eileen Stanton may not be the best writer, but Eileen Stanton writes.”

Of course you put your own name in this sentence.

This is the most basic truth of writing success. Just write.

  • Then get feedback.
  • Then revise.
  • Then write some more.
Rainy Dawn

Write in the early morning.

What often hinders writers is their priorities. Many aspiring writers place the act last, or low, on their to-do list.

Write Before Work

Some 30 years ago I began writing before work. Back then I did jobs ranging from being a script typist, to a legal secretary, to a college writing teacher. All through those many jobs, I would do my best to write at dawn before I did anything else.

That means writing before

  • checking email
  • checking Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • calling loved ones
  • watching the news
  • often before breakfast.

Even a commitment of 15 minutes each day yields major results.

Today I still follow this rule. I do my spiritual practice, followed by a bit of yoga, and then dive into my current writing project.

Writing Ignites Creativity

This prioritization has power far beyond the act itself. Whatever we put our most precious love into blossoms, and so the simple devotion to a cause such as this is like putting Miracle Grow on our writing aspirations.

Paper Stock Photo

Ignite your creativity.

For me, it also ignites my creative energy so that whatever else I do in my day is fueled by a sense of fiery love.

Action Step:

Write tomorrow morning, first thing, for just 15 minutes. Take note of how the act shifts your creative energy for the whole day.

Happy Writing!

Paper Image: Morguefile, jdurham