The Writer’s Adventure Team 3

Write Your Slogan

Welcome to Week Three of the Writer’s Adventure Team

As you’ll recall, your charge this month is to create an online presence. Part of that presence is writing a slogan.

This can be one of the funnest parts of envisioning and creating your dream.

Best of all, the less you work on it, the better it will be.


It’s true of the whole creative process. Creativity is about letting the inspiration flow. Meanwhile “work” is a much more contracted activity.

So, your assignment is to come up with a lead sentence for your creation. We’re all familiar with the truly great ones, one of the best being:

Other memorable ones include:

De Beers: A Diamond is Forever

Clairol: Does she…or doesn’t she?

AT&T: Reach out and touch someone

United Airlines: Fly the friendly skies

Maxwell House Coffee: Good to the last drop

A slogan does the following for you:

  1. Helps you remember the essence of what you are doing, so it should contain this essence.
  2. Informs your audience of what you’re doing in a simple way.
  3. Enhances your website, your social media profiles, business cards, stationary, etc.

What short phrase best defines your passion?

Ask this question on high and then put a piece of paper somewhere central in your home and forget about it. Go about your week as you usually do. Occasionally if you’re tuned into your inner, a little phrase will come in.

Jot it down. After a week or so you’ll likely have five or six, or maybe just one that refines each day.

Here’s mine for my blog The Inner Adventure:

Live every moment with love

Remember the best writing is specific and vivid, and has universal appeal. You achieve this by using lively nouns and active verbs when possible, so look carefully at the nouns and verbs in your sentence.

At the end of the week, sit down and pick your favorite.

Relax if it isn’t perfect. Allow it to evolve over time. What’s important is that you have one—the phrase will help you remember the essence of what you are doing, while also informing your audience.

So, Just Do it!

Happy Adventuring