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Stress Relief Is Here

The pressure of writing a college application essay can undo the most calm student. Add to that the continuing stress of getting one’s current school work done, and you have a real challenge.

If this is your dilemma, or your teenager’s, I can help. I offer a simple process in which I sit down with the student and help him or her find clarity in what they’re writing. Then the student types the ideas into the computer.

Using a Draft Process Releases the Pressure

Usually a student will have started writing but struggle with organizing and developing the essay. First, I help him or her focus on just getting the ideas down and not worrying about how precise the language is or how exact the grammar.

Once the main ideas are in place, we zero in, refining the language and grammar, and making sure the essay highlights the student’s greatest strengths.

Show Rather than Tell

Often students have great ideas, but they simply explain them. Essay readers want to have the experience with the student, rather than just read about it. I help the student show the story so that the reader feels the transformation along with the student, thus making the essay impactful. This involves using the senses and providing anecdotal examples.

Experience that Matters

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For nearly 30 years I have written professionally for The New York Times, Audubon Magazine, New Mexico Magazine and the Frommer’s and Dummies guides, so I know how to create informative and poignant essays and articles.

I have edited experienced authors’ books leading to publication by major New York publishers. I taught college writing for eight years at such fine institutions as University of Maryland and University of California at San Diego. At UCSD I also evaluated Subject A exams, helping determine which students would move from developmental English into college English, so I have a good grasp of the writing skills colleges seek.

Lesley’s help made a world of difference in writing my college entrance essay.”—Hailey Zimber, senior at Desert Academy, Santa Fe, NM
“Lesley’s tips, tricks, knowledge and encouragement are clear, cohesive and supportive. I highly recommend her guidance for writers who want to further fuel their talents.”—Sheila Burns
“Though I’ve written professionally, my writing has grown beyond my expectations with Lesley’s insightful prompts and intuitive guidance.”—Joan Stewart, Grand Ideas from Within

I am greatly enjoying helping young people realize their dreams of getting into the colleges of their choice. It is a pleasure for me to watch students move in their writing from fearful contraction to joyful confidence. Most of all, I’m light-handed in my work with them, so the essay is truly their own.

Reasonably Priced

I charge $50 per hour. Usually a session lasts two hours, with another half-hour final proofread once the student has finished the essay. I’m available to meet in your home or wherever your teenager is most comfortable.

Please give me a call at 505-670-6554 or click below to send me an email.

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