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Write Your Book—Today

If you’re ready to finally write that book you’ve been ruminating about, I can help. Or, if you have a partial book in your drawer that’s ready to see the light of day and be read by many, contact me.

I have a unique style of helping writers that promises a fabulous adventure, deeper understanding of one’s self, and a finished book.

Having taught writing for such prestigious institutions as University of Maryland and University of California at San Diego, as well as creative and travel writing courses for WordHarvest and UNESCO, I have the skills to guide you. And, I know all the frustration, challenge, and joy that accompanies book writing. As author of six books and thousands of articles, I can sympathize with the struggle while offering encouragement and guidance.

Here are a few testimonials:

“In my 30 years in the book business I have encountered no editor more caring, thoughtful and insightful than Lesley S. King.” —Robert Mayer, author of nine books, including Superfolks and The Dreams of Ada

“Lesley S. King’s critiques give me goosebumps. Her insights slice through the knotty shortcomings in my writing and loosen the chokehold I keep on my creativity. She challenges me to go deeper, think harder, write better, and most of all, persevere when I want to throw the manuscript at the wall and give up. She’s kind, honest, knowledgeable, astute, and relentless. She’s the best editor I know, and a terrific writer.” —Lois Gilbert, author of River of Summer, Without Mercy and Returning to Taos

“It takes a special talent to point out, in a constructive manner, a writer’s weaknesses, as well as his or her strengths. Lesley S. King has a keen perception for the existing merits of a work, as well as its downfalls. She offers particularly great insight into when a writer has given only a surface treatment to a subject and would benefit from going deeper. She challenged me to raise my own standards and to write better.” —Jeanette Boyer, author of Junkyard Dreams

The Way Appears

Writing a good book follows the lines of Lao Tse’s quote: “The Way appears when you step along the Way.” A good book, like a good life, doesn’t arise out of planning and calculating. It’s journey is organic. Each day you show up with your highest self and put words on the page. Your whole concept may change along the way, to something more profound, more refined.

When you work one-on-one with me, we’ll meet weekly on the phone to discuss your writing progress. I’ll offer feedback and help you understand where your project is going. Once you have a manuscript, then we will shape it, providing markers such as headings and boxes to help guide your reader. Then, finally, we will polish the book.

Writing professionally is mostly about attitude. Sure, some people have talent, others luck, but sincerity is more important than either of those. A winning strategy is to believe that you can do it and each day take a step toward a tangible goal.

Whatever your beginning point, I can set you in the direction to succeed. I will help you:

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  • Use sensory details, metaphor, and action to bring depth and excitement to your subject.
  • Create an inventive book template or structure. This includes the use of headings, subheads, boxes, steps and design details such as drawings and icons. For novels and memoirs it involves a relentless drive toward an electrifying climax.
  • Find an inspiring progression for your book: It should move from easy, everyday steps to more complex concepts, always with simple tasks that your reader can DO. It should finish strong so your reader is sure to buy your next book.
  • Choose your best publishing option: I’ll help you decide whether your writing is most suited to a traditional publisher or self-publishing, a print and/or eBook, or even a blog. As well, I can get you started building an audience and promoting your book.


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