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Transported into a New Life

Within a few days, I found myself in Arizona at a treatment center, where my mother had been admitted. The counselors there gave me an ultimatum: I could continue my life as it was—drinking more wine than I should, relying too much on my mate for happiness, and staying so busy I had no time for myself—or, I could follow the simple plan they outlined.

That evening, while watching the sun burn scarlet into the desert, I made the choice to begin on my own Inner Adventure.


A Spectacular Surrender

I embarked on a few simple practices. Each morning, I read and contemplated. During the day, I focused on the Now, and always I surrendered my will to the Divine. In the next decade, I explored spiritual paths ranging from 12-Step to Buddhism, extracting what served me from each, while being drawn toward my truest path, the Light and Sound teachings of the great mystics such as Lao Tze, Rumi and Hafiz. Thus I met a living master in this lineage, Sri Gary Olsen of MasterPath.

My inner life blossomed. As it did, my outer reflected the change. I became a travel writer. The job took me to Tuscany, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe and many other places, writing for such publications as The New York Times, Audubon Magazine and Frommer’s Travel Guides. I ran class IV rivers in a kayak, savored the world’s best wine in Provence and rode a camel through the Negev Desert in Israel.


A Stunning Inner Landscape

I traveled around the world only to discover that the most amazing adventure exists right inside of me. Through exploring the stunning landscape of my soul self, I now have a life full of fun and joy.

Such wealth comes when I embrace every experience as the adventure that it is. If this idea appeals to you, I invite you to follow my blog, The Inner Adventure. That will put you on my mailing list, so I can keep you informed about my upcoming books.




Inspiration: Every day, my spiritual teacher, Sri Gary Olsen, inspires me to reach beyond my own concepts of what life is and can be. I encourage you to visit his site:

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