5 Keys to Writing Success

Free hands-on program to make your writing soar

You want your writing to inspire readers, to attract their attention and not let it go, so that they will follow your blog, buy your books, and most of all soar with inspiration. That’s the focus of this one-hour free program.

Professional Feedback

If you’re like me, you’ve taken free courses before, and they gave you a few good tips, but not much follow through. They were mostly information downloads. This course is unique because you will actually write during it and receive feedback on your writing. I can help you enliven and refine your craft so that more people will want to read what you have to say and be moved by it.

The course uses hand-on teaching and writing methods that I’ve refined through college professorships at respected institutions such as University of California and University of Maryland, as well as 25 years working as a professional writer, writing for these publications, among others, and completing my own books.

Again, what’s most unique about this course is that you will write and I will offer feedback, so it’s hands-on. And it’s offered over the phone.

The  5 Keys:

  1. Unleash your passion: Every success arises from great passion. Here’s how to infuse your writing with this powerful vibration, so your reader will be entranced with your words.
  2. Find the Wow of Now: Make your writing and project sizzle with the intensity of the present moment, so that it sparks with courage and love.
  3. Use Sensory Details: Infuse your writing with details of what you see, feel, taste, hear and smell to put your reader there with you, riveting him or her to your message.
  4. Move into Action: Draw your audience into the land of stunning verbs. Your readers will have no choice but to keep reading.
  5. Inspire Love: Launch your writing into the higher realms where it will expand the consciousness of yourself, your reader and the entire Cosmos.

Here’s what past participants have said about my writing instruction:

“Lesley’s guidance opened the flood gates for me to write from my heart. The feedback has been a tremendous help in refining my writing skills. I’m now inspired and confident to take the leap and commit to a weekly blog on my website that I can share with a more diverse audience.”—Ross Barable, Soundscapes International

As well as helping you write better, this course will present the three key ways to build your writing platform, so that your work will receive the attention it deserves.

1. Learn the three secrets to using social media like Facebook and Twitter to attract an audience for your writing.


“Though I’ve written professionally, my writing has grown beyond my expectations with Lesley’s insightful prompts and intuitive guidance.”—Joan Stewart, Grand Ideas from Within

2. Discover the fastest way to build an email list of interested readers, people who want to buy what you write.


“Lesley’s tips, tricks, knowledge and encouragement are clear, cohesive and supportive. I highly recommend this course for writers who want to further fuel their talents.”—Sheila Burns

3. Find out how to get published immediately and thus begin living the freedom of a writer’s life.

Our Minds Have All Kinds of Reasons for Playing Life Safe

You may think you don’t have time to take a course.

Fortunately, 5 Keys to Writing Success only takes one hour. Since it’s offered during lunch you can easily listen in and do a little writing during your midday break.

You may think you’re not a good enough writer, so why bother.

Years of teaching have shown me that writing is less an art than it is a skill. If you continue to learn and practice you will master it.

You may already know how to write.

In this case, the 5 Keys will help you put your writing out to the world, so you can manifest a higher purpose in life while inspiring others.

You may have written for years but have never been published.

The 5 Keys will show you how to be the publisher, so you can write about your truest passion.

Once again, this program will help you…

  1. Unleash your passion so your reader will be entranced with your words.
  2. Find the Wow of Now so your writing sparks with courage and love.
  3. Use Sensory Details to rivet your reader to your message.
  4. Move into Action so your readers will have no choice but to keep reading.
  5. Inspire Love to expand the consciousness of yourself, your reader and the entire Cosmos.

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Make time for your project and yourself: Step into your new writer life with skillful action.

Now is the time to get direct professional feedback on your writing in order to catapult it into a new realm. If you’re ready to embrace the freedom of a professional-writer life, sign up below to attend this tele-course.

Date: October 10th

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P.S. Even if this time doesn’t seem convenient, don’t miss this opportunity to receive professional feedback on your writing. I urge you to make the time. If you can’t attend, sign up anyway, and I’ll send you the recorded version.