Dear one, imagine if you could gaze
on flowers, all day, every day,
how their velvety petals,
in periwinkle and scarlet
would ignite the love in you.

Like the cosmos on its spindly stem,
you would dip and sway in the breeze,
exuberantly, unabashedly dancing
to a tune only you,
in your most perennial self, could hear.

You would exist in that honey scent,
that abundant kindness,
and give it to your cat and neighbor,
the butcher and cashier,
to the whole Universe stretching out before you.

We become what we attend,
and you, my love,
would be as brazen as that hollyhock,
as luminous as the sunflower
and as broad as creeping thyme.

Such a life is yours,
with one gaze at the Inner Flower,
Its brightness transporting you
into the great, eternal and boundless
bloom that you are.

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