The husky strains at his leash
hackles up
fangs bared
saliva dripping.

He wants our dog for dinner,
and he does attack,
our boy’s paw ripped bloody
his wails echoing through the hills.

After disinfecting and bandaging him,
in the night I squirm
wanting it all to stop,
that neighbor dog to leave—or die!

Then I see the reflection—
that vicious dog like my own mind,
so rabid,
straining at its leash.

I have tried to tamp down its desire,
to stop its yearning for always more,
but its quest for outer love is deep
and relentless as storm-driven waves.

My only recourse
is to invite it along,
urge it to sit with me
before the Beloved,

To bask in that
Love within,
softening the yearning,
balming the outward tug

Until tranquility
and stillness
surround us both
in a quiet, pink cloud.

This communion unleashes the true self
to fly in the bright budding beauty,
the shining, sparkling
current of love.

And the husky?
His person and I now have a schedule
so the dogs no longer meet
and can walk in their own serenity.

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