The winds of spring
rush and swirl
spreading seeds
that land and sprout.

New creations
brimming with life.

Mind wants to water them all,
create a full orchard.

But wait!
Instead I ask inward…

Which seed should I nurture,
which tree do I support?

The message comes clear
in the light of dawn.

“Water within!

“Tend that most precious essence.
The one that doesn’t blow about
but instead stays steady.

“Solid as that corpulent Buddha
on his throne.

“For this inner tree
is still setting roots.

“It needs your careful tending,
the finest fertilizer,
and rays of the most brilliant Sun
to stretch into the sky
and burst forth with blossoms.

“From there the fruit
will wax in autumn
and you will feast,
nectar dripping from your chin.

“For now, hold steady
in these wild winds.

“Foster only that most precious sprout,
the one that holds the promise
of eternity.”

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