On the bike trail
when I fall on rocks
and cry over a hurt arm,

The rottweiler appears,
growling, fangs bared.

I jump on my bike
and pedal away.

On the hiking trail,
the husky lunges at our dog
strains against his leash
snarls and barks.

I run,
pulling our dog along
to keep him safe.

Year after year
the dog is there,
different ones
but always the same vibe.

Always, I let go
of the Beloved’s hand
and run…

Arrive home shaking,
mind lost in
limbic helplessness,

The long-gone violent memories
suddenly springing to life.

But one day, I stop,
tune into the Inner Dog Whisperer
and feel the action slow

See the truth
of this dog dream
that repeats and repeats

Until this day when I know
that I must give up
my will power

And embrace
Thy will power.

I pull out my radiant saber
and walk past the snarling world,
unfazed, unharmed,

Its fangs but an illusion,
no more threatening
than a kitty’s meow.

For we are so much more
than this flesh,
bone and blood.

We are the very
spark of the Divine
that creates this dream,

with all Its resources
at our command.

So I thank this gift
of the growling dog
for showing me

That I am endless and eternal,
a safe cell,
thriving within the Divine’s
Universal body.

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