Snowflake, glistening in the sun you swirl up, down and around your fellow flakes playing in the rays that will soon kill you with their warmth and brightness.

And yet you dance, float above the gravel, flip and turn glint like a spark set on the wind.

You spare nothing have no inhibitions no worries, simply live the moment.

For a breath, you stop on a chamisa flower hold tight and linger. Maybe your salvation is in this clinging. Maybe you can escape the melt.

But no, your demise is certain as you lose your grip and fall to the earth.

You melt and enter a creek where you bump and flow over boulders and through arroyos.

You join the Rio Grande meandering across the desert to the Gulf where you meet the Great Ocean.

From there you evaporate, rise into an ethereal mist and being again dancing…

until you fully grasp the waltz of the Universe and merge completely into Love.

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