You dreamed of houses:
A hacienda surrounded by a verdant ranch,
An airy sanctuary perched on a hill,
A wooden shack floating away in a river.

In the dreams the house was your life.
All activity centered around it—
you mended stucco, planted lilacs, repaired a faucet.
You lived in the house and for it,
an encompassing world that shaped your everything.

But now you have a new house with the Beloved—
ethereal and bright and yet solid and real.
This house truly is your life.

While those other houses had lawsuits, mold,
a disconnected sewer line, barking dog next door,
this house needs no repairs.

It is tranquil as a windless day
Spacious as the sea with its endless horizon
Safe as the sun, so wealthy, it can only give.

While you tried to hide out
within the dream houses,
hoping to avoid a fight with a loved one,
a boss’s criticism, a broken heart,
you were never able to escape.

This new home, though, this inner mansion,
is a true sanctuary.

And yet when you’re in it,
treading its shiny floors,
gazing at the vast views,
drinking in its pure quietude,
there’s no need to hide,
to barricade the shutters,
to turn on the alarm.

The inner and outer unite
All Divine, all you…
Reveling in your true home.

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