I rowed this boat so darn hard,
I must have broken a thousand oars
on rocks and shallow depths,
always trying, trying to get there
to that shore of love, safety, and beauty.

I rowed and rowed,
flipped over and back up
until my arms ached,
my nose filled with water.

 Sweaty brow, trembling hands,
I pulled with desperation
as if a waterfall were
sucking my boat into its grasp.

But now the True Rower has taught me,
really there is no down or up.
The surface and the underwater
are the same,
so whether I’m on top
or submerged,
I can breathe.

Even the waterfall’s fury
has become
but a spectacular flight.

Nothing to run from
nowhere to go.

Gently I row
knowing all I need
is right here in this boat
of my true heart.

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