Your extraordinary self
is already here!
No need to try
to push
to impress
to rush and
exert beyond the fray.

Your being
has always been.
No need to seek
to calculate
to struggle.

Instead, simply breathe in
the pure Love Power.
Feel that fiery, flowing
essence that you are.
Be aware that
no opinion of you
can outweigh your own.

You don’t have to write
the great American novel
cook like Julia
or play magical tunes
on the guitar.

Of course you may,
but not as a chore,
rather, as a celebration
of your overflowing abundance.

The world will ask for proof.
It will insist
that you earn this status,
that you display your gilded diploma,
golden trophy
or coveted endorsement.

But you know better.
Those accolades line the shelf
of some past life.

You have earned the right
to take a breath
to play in the fields
to dine on the fruits
of the most elaborate banquet.

Now your goal lies
not in getting but in giving,
not in doing but in being.

You hold the Earth
in your heart,
caress the moon
with your gaze
and fly straight into the sun
on a mere Tuesday dawn.

You scale the tallest peaks on Mars
and have tea with a cottontail
that afternoon.

You pet your cat,
dive into the sea
of her eyes
and swim there
until you cannot bear
any more beauty.

Then you feed her
and go to bed.

So be your great extraordinary!

Relax into the love
that you are.

Photo: Bobcat tracks near my home.

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