That thief
who sneaks in
through the dark of night
may steal your physical beauty,
your resilience and youth.

It may steal your family,
your passion for work or movies
and even your most romantic
love story.

It may steal your brilliant philosophies
political righteousness,
and hard-won theories.

But those losses
only bring you closer
to the one thing
it can never steal:
your divinity.

Once you vow
to protect the soul self,
to honor and revel in it,
to uphold its dignity,
the thief’s day is done.

It had a great reign.
Through countless lives
it kept that noose
just tight enough
around your neck
to remind you
of its strength—
and your weakness.

It made you
blabber about your own greatness,
as you tried to prove
you were more than nothing.

It emptied your heart
and bank account,
left you friendless,
godless, and broken.

But now,
with the One presiding
over your household
that thief can’t even get in.

You, as the watch dog
laugh as it pounds
on the windows and doors,
while you splash through your days,
in the shimmering waterfall
of your true Being.