I am here to mess you up

to inconvenience you

disappoint you

bring you to your knees.


My role is not to go along

be silent and compliant

to sit and watch as your leaves yellow

and heart withers amidst busy days.


Instead, I rush in like a tsunami

tear through your protective fence,

and rip your cherished weeds

out by the roots.


Only then do we

have room to grow.


I am here to bring you chaos

to string you up like a tomato plant

and pluck away the fruit

you have nurtured for eons


to rub against you

and leave a raw patch

that only heals when you

shine like a sapphire


to knock so hard

on your cocoon

that you burst forth

and become a butterfly


to keep you awake night after night

until you have no choice

but to admit

that you are a gift to the Universe

and all within it.

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