Why, my dear Sugar Snap

when I have given you

a stake to climb

that is tall and straight

leading directly to the higher worlds

do you insist on attaching your tendrils,

wrapping them tightly,

around any old grass blade

or tree root down below?


Each day, I lift you up

off the dust and manure,

I clear away the ants and aphids,

only to see you ground yourself

again and again

in the lower realms.


I understand,

you don’t quite have your focus.

Your love reaches into the past

to find some brittle joy

you once knew.


You don’t yet know

the gifts that await you

once you lift up

into the Sunshine.


But as you grow to trust me

you might find

a straight and ascending journey

into the blue sky of your own pure being,

unhindered by suckers and cheat grass

who only want to deter you

to keep you from creating

your crisp pods of love,

of sweetness,

that nourish the whole universe.

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