My father had a great sense for growing wealth. He was cautious about how he invested—he deeply researched each company and only chose high-performing ones. During his latter years we had many conversations about investing, and though I did learn a great deal about stocks, bonds, and REITs—even more, I applied what he said to life’s truer investment: the spiritual one. Now, with outer investments showing their fragility, I offer these tips, distilled from my father’s long-earned wisdom.

  • Only invest in the real and permanent.
  • Play the long game; invest in value rather than in trends that might have a fast rise but also a dramatic fall.
  • Be sure you have a diversified portfolio. (When with the Beloved, one’s whole being is taken care of, so this is the most diverse stance.)
  • Hold tight to the Beloved’s hand through the ups and downs.
  • Beware of the temptation to divest during a downturn.

With this wisdom, “the market” will always go up, and your investment will deliver uncountable dividends and compounded interest, and thus expand exponentially.