Someday, you’ll cruise

through the galaxy

and point out the planets

you once inhabited,

just as you do

your previous homes now.


Someday, you’ll realize that,

like those synthetic life forms

on Star Trek

you only truly exist

in this moment,

with all the past

mere programmed memories.


Someday, when your world

is crumbling around you,

rather than running to fix it,

you’ll sit down in your chair,

center on the Beloved

and watch as the chaos comes into order.


Someday, you’ll gaze into the eyes

of another and feel only love,

and then you’ll realize

you’re looking in the mirror

and you’ll know that’s

who you are.


And you will live from that place…

as a citizen of the Universe

completely centered in the moment

the master of your creation

the power of complete love.


Why not now?

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