Like a bird who can’t enjoy flying

but instead only pecks, eats and drinks,

I race from one activity to the next.


I end each day

stretched out on the bed

wanting nothing but sleep.


But suddenly I awaken.

I watch my movements


and jerky,

my steps


the concrete.






Of not being enough,

doing enough,

loving enough.


Above all,


that I am not loved.


So I rush and push and manage

to make up for it.


In truth, there is no destination.


Only here.


Only now.


I exist because of God’s love for me,

No other reason.


With this knowing,

and my Lover’s presence,

everything changes.


I soar through the aisles

of the grocery store,

take flight as I do the dishes.


Like a Tai Chi master,

I relish my measured movements,

each telling the story of a fearless life.


Rather than expend energy

this fills me up as I go along—

a constant inflow and outflow.


At the day’s end

I can sit quietly and read

so full am I

of the Patient One’s love.

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