I’m excited to let you know that my new book, All Is Love, has arrived. It is a compilation of stories, written in poetry and essay form, as well as a few photos. These stories arose from my day-to-day experience of living with and doing my best to honor the true Beloved inside. Through this, every day, every moment, becomes as valued teaching.  The book has five sections that follow the journey of soul from surrender to reliance to transformation to traveling the inner worlds to service. The stories are inspired by nature, relationships with people and animals, home, finances, travel, work, death, and birth.

As I wrote the stories, the book title emerged. Always the Beloved brings me to a place where I see how each experience is a perfect gift for me to unwrap. Every bit of grit in my life is for my ascension—it is pure love. Thus came the title All Is Love. When I live life from this perspective, all resistance disappears because I know deep in my heart that all experience arises within me, is of me, and for me. So I can surrender to the loving message because that’s all it is—love.

Here’s what one reader said: “This book is simply fabulous! It will touch so many souls on their journey home. It brings spiritual comfort, insight, and focus to our daily trek.”—Rudy Anderson, learning specialist

I invite you along on this journey. To purchase your copy, click below.

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