You walk along the road,

sun warm on your cheeks

love sparkling in your eyes,

as you know where you’re going.


From a side street that handsome one

with chocolate brown eyes

and lips made for kissing

gestures you over,

envelops you in a hug.


This is the love you’ve been waiting for!


He tells you you’re beautiful

and then every time you pass a mirror

you check to see if maybe he is right.


Together, you reminisce about the past

and make plans for the future.


As the days flee, your fingers intertwined with his,

the sun that so warmed you from within,

instead begins to shine from him.


You dance to his music now

late into the night,

your legs weak the next day,

attention scattered.


But now all you have to do is please him

and the sun shines on you again.


Occasionally, at dawn,

you remember that road you were walking before…

that sense of direction you had.


But this, this is so easy!


Until that day when his eyes stray to another—

younger, prettier, new…


In that instant, the brilliant light extinguishes—

no warmth anywhere.

You find yourself stumbling,

bump your knees on furniture,

your head reeling in confusion.


You wilt in the darkness

squirm nights in bed,

while pain contracts your heart

squeezing tears from your eyes.


Finally, you call out to the True Lover.


As a pink sun rises, you remember,

yes, you remember

the sun within, always shining.


No need to please, to check the mirror,

to dance later than is good for you.

You can be honest, say what you need.


The handsome one may stay or go.

He can still hug you,

and even tell you you’re pretty.


But now, you’re back on the road

lit with your own Radiance.

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