The lizard lifts high on his legs
and sprints alongside your bike.
His pointed nose and yellow stripes blur,
as he churns up the dust.

The raven swoops low
over your shoulder.
Her wings say whoosh, whoosh
as she breaks open the sky.

The water spider
skates on an invisible membrane.
His Martian shadow
dances among stones.

The wild lilac
bobs in the breeze.
Her sweet scent lures all
into her fragrant realm.

In every moment
The Beloved’s souls
as they run, fly,
dance and infuse,
invite us to play.

But the mind sits
by the chain-link fence,
arms crossed,
mouth a jagged crease,
claiming dominion
over the playground.

You believe him
and believe him
until one day
a butterfly lands on your shoulder,
flutters her wings
and you lift an inch off the ground.

you claim the playground,
right now,
the whole damn thing,
as your own.

With an effervescent smile
you hopscotch
all the way home.

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