Out here

in the far reaches of creation,

I sail the Cosmic seas

between stars.


Like Voyager

as it swings past Jupiter,

frolics among Saturn’s rings,

and discovers Titan’s thick blue haze,

I relish life’s encounters

as they arise within.


Each one brightens me,

lightens me

and all of creation as well.


Now, the One draws me back.

It tugs at my third eye

and whispers in my ear:

“Come Home.”


I am no throw-away probe

destined to wander the Universe

for eternity.


Such a thing does not exist.

All returns to its origin—



Like a child

back from summer camp

running into her father’s arms,

I sprint homeward,

into the great love

that I am.

Photo: NASA—The stellar nursery LH 95

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