Oh virga, blue curtain in the sky

I envy you.

Suspended there in the glowing light

never do you fall upon the ground,

swirl down the drain,

or lose yourself in a muddy puddle.


Instead your icy tendrels

simply evaporate.


But I am a river

riding across the contours of this rocky earth

as the sea pulls me home.


I stumble over rocks and smash into trees

am stopped dead by dams

and am tainted by mines.


But the Beloved has graced me as well.


I sparkle in the evening light,

gurgle through pebble pools

slake the thirst of deer and rabbits

stroke the fins of trout

and reflect back the image of all,

showing the world its beauty.


That includes you, dear virga.

With your image rippling upon me

I come to know my ethereal self.


And then I see

that we are not separate.


Our true essence:



Photo: Jonathan Thorne from Colorado,

USA (Mount Columbia) [CC BY-SA 2.0


by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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