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Dear Readers,

The release of my new book All In for Love has been one of most exciting and fulfilling experiences of my life. Readers have written to tell me how the book has touched them and deepened their spiritual journey. Here are a few of the many five-star Amazon reviews and the link so that you can “look inside” the book. Currently, the Kindle version costs only $2.99!

We Are that Love

Reading Lesley King’s deeply personal account of her spiritual journey was like a revelation. She could have been writing about the ups and downs that I’ve experienced in my own quest for truth and love. The quest isn’t something to be sugar-coated and Lesley doesn’t. She’s completely candid about the full gamut of emotions and experiences that culminate in her ruling decision to be All In For Love. I laughed and cried as she shared one experience after another. Whether joy, sorrow, anger, fear, or love, Lesley’s account demonstrates that we can make spiritual hay with each and every experience if we only remain open to discovering its sometimes-hidden treasure. Eventually, as we realize we aren’t the body, we aren’t the mind, we aren’t our emotions: we come to realize that we are the Love we’ve been seeking all along. I’m so grateful to the author for having the courage — and the generosity — to share her insights along the way.—Dianne Murray

Bold, Courageous, Funny, and Deeply Moving

In All In For Love, Lesley S. King offers up a sincere, humble and inspiring look into her inner spiritual journey over the course of several years. This book melted my heart and inspired me to open more to the Divine Presence that lives within each of us. The writing is fresh, engaging and approachable. King is courageous in her living and writing and one can’t help but be moved and lifted up by her sharing of her fears, failures, joys and moments of blissful love and peace. For those sincerely seeking Truth, this book is a must read.—Marian Royal Vigil


I devoured this beautiful book in an afternoon. Lesley S King writes about her experiences with such a profoundly deep and relatable spirituality. I literally could not put it down and when I finished it, I wanted to reread it again. I have no doubt I will reread it, which is rare for me. Her poetry is truly in the realm of the great Sufi masters. This is a book you don’t want to miss.—Kelley Kieve

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