Please enjoy this guest poem by Logan Jo’el.


I cannot help but smile
when seeing those jovial ascending lovers
bumping into the Divine’s Body,
letting out hiccups with the scent of lilac and lavender,
staggering about, flawlessly guided.

Oh my, there goes another one,
pulling out their chalice…
before the Beloved Master
who fills it to the brim,
while wearing that contagious Divine smile.

Divine Bartender, I’m Here
and I’ll have another,
I am also going to need a ride Home please.


Logan Jo’el lives with his wife and their two children in Boston, Massachusetts, where he works in tech support. In 2000 he became a student of MasterPath under the tutelage of Sri Gary Olsen. Of this he says “I could resonate with the Light and Sound Teachings as expressed through MasterPath, because I finally felt with all my heart I was where I needed to be. What drives and inspires me? Love!”

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