There once was a soul who

loved her life so much

she wanted to hold onto it.


The Beloved said, “Of course,

whatever you want.”


And so she held tightly to her house

with its white shutters

her dog

with his pleading brown eyes

her work

helping people

and her parents

who cherished her.


But soon the house needed new windows

her work became stale

and her dog and parents passed away.


Her heart ached

so that she walked on her knees,

too weary to stand.


The Beloved said,

“When you hold tightly to beauty

you also hold tight to pain.


“Instead, dear one

Love Me. . .


“Love me like you loved your childhood bicycle

and your cat who ran up the chimney.


“Love me in such a way

that we talk together every moment,

even over little things

like Himalayan salt in the grinder.


“Love me in the shower

and between the sheets,

and as you eat ice cream

or lettuce.


“Love me as you speak to that soul

who sends chills up your spine.


“And that neighbor with chapped lips

who yells at you.


“Caress me as the sea does the shore.


“Shine my light as the moon does the sun’s.


“Breathe my breath as the canyon does the wind’s.


“Love me and your heart will never ache.


“Love me

and you love your Self.”

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