Any challenge is really

increased freedom

dressed in a Halloween costume.


Sure it has the witch’s warts

bat’s fangs and

ghoul’s claws.


But really, under the wig and cape

we find His Love

coaxing, encouraging, pressing

us on,

pleading for us to surrender

to give up the darkness

of life’s graveyard,

to release the passions

like those mini Snickers bars

we hold tightly.


“Open your hand,” the He says,

so you can pull it from the jar.”


Alas, those “confections” only leave us

with a pained stomach,

a racing mind

and an empty heart.


“Love Me,” He says.


The moment we do

the costume melts

like the Wicked Witch

into a puddle,

while we soar free,

airy as a new day

high above the dual worlds

to the land where the sun

always shines.

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