Lilacs close

It calls as though from a great distance

light years and galaxies away.

It whispers, quiet as the rustle of a raven wing,



And when I listen yet more closely

It explains how.

Between thoughts arrives the map

and a compass needle pointing Home.


“Follow the beating pulse of your joy

the arc of your smile

the lilt of your laughter.

Follow as though they are the only realities.


“Simply wave to those hitchhikers heartache and pain

until they disappear in your rearview mirror.

Bypass Despair, with its tumbleweed memories

and Resentment Saloon.


“Stop only when you reach Eternal Bliss

that still pool of clear deep blue water.”


Who are you? I ask.

How can I trust you? I plead.


With the harmony of a symphony

the voice replies

“I am You.”


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