Snowy Forest

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Logan Jo’el.

Open Heart

The Beloved speaks when we are ready to listen.
Close your ears and open your heart.
Only through Him is pain made into a sunrise beyond time.

Cease your motion in searching,
Where does one go when nothingness is our abode?

Look, how patient He is in His Love for us.
An aching heart is good for soul.
It petitions us to remember The Beloved,
Such a simple salve.

And yet we created infinite empires of desire,
Endless mountains of libraries,
Towers of arrogance to the sky.

Those only intensified the ache.
It has all served a purpose
Oh heavy heart.

The Beloved held us while we searched.
Like an infant feeling out its Mother’s nipple
And looking to lock eyes have we been,
Crying, out of hunger’s misunderstanding.

“Hush my darling,” says our Beloved, smiling,
Transferring Love to our hearts
In this so-called mystery of existence,
All created to bring us back to where we began,
Where we are.

I can say no more,
For these eyes have become waterfalls…

Logan Jo’el works in tech support, where he gets to “connect to people through voice.” He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his Bulgarian wife and their two children. In 2000, he became a student of MasterPath under the tutelage of Sri Gary Olsen. Of this he says, “I could resonate with the Light and Sound teachings as expressed in MasterPath ( because I finally felt with all my heart I was where I needed to be. What drives and inspires me? Love!”

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