San Ysidro Slot Canyon

Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Michael Hock.

A Very Brief Guide for Travelers

Out on an adventure,

you ask for directions.

Who do you ask, who believe?

You’ve got the goal identified—

maybe a hidden slot canyon,

cut out from flat rock,

secret, unknown, and no map, no signs.

Of course, it might be a more ambitious goal,

some notion of realization, surrender, connection…

and again of course, it seems to matter what,

but this what biz is purely illusion, a hoax.

Who you ask to guide you,

actually for any reason, really matters.

That doesn’t mean don’t check the map,

or ask a local how to get from A to Z,

or, if you’ve got the tech and the connection,

check the iPhone and the internet,

but it absolutely does mean,

out on the sere and jumbled way,

you must ask directions from who truly knows.

And who is that?

Ah, Beloved, inside your own being!

He is never wrong, never guides awry,

however convoluted the journey becomes,

yes, even if you have to detour for some hot springs,

He always and without fail, gets you home!


Michael Hock lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a long-time student of the MasterPath, He loves to write about the pure celebration of life that is a result of his efforts to perceive the true and the real in every moment, and how the Divine, embodied in the Sat Guru, opens the faculties of perception and recognition so that life can be lived in joy and dedication.

Image: Michael Hock at the mouth of a slot canyon near San Ysidro, NM

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