Aspens rime ice

Oh unutterable utterance

Unrepeatable repetition

when my heart drops down to my gut

and they mate in their pain

how I long for You.


As night closes in

and cold hardens the leaves

the lower lovers entwine.

Dungeon doors clang closed

as they couple on dank cement

with only a simple grate

opening upon a black sky.


The lovers tremble

in the darkness

feeding on the dead:

family losses, parched dreams

mates that came and went.

These are the sighs and groans

of the frozen world.


No longer able to bear the icy copulation

I call out Beloved! Beloved!

And in my eye, see the image

Radiant, smiling

as though nothing could ever matter

in the subzero realm.


The melting happens fast

a softening in heart and gut

as the lower lovers break apart

panting, breathless

spent from their twisted union.


Blossoms form and open

leaves sprout from branches

like time-lapse video

as I marry the Sound.

The true lovemaking

opens to eternity

revealing the Great Lover

that I am.

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