Aspen Path 2014

The trail I have trekked

for countless lifetimes

has washed away.

The monsoon rain flooded

and gushed through

my inner canyon,

dislodged heavy logs

and gnarly brush

obliterated all cairns

all my carefully carved ways.

Bandelier Canyon

Now I tread the streambed

with You,

hop from sandbar to sandbar

climb over flotsam of my past

as You guide me up the canyon.

Within these shadowed walls

I see no path,

and so I must rely completely

on You.

Every time I try to think,

to find a new track

I become lost.

Aspen Trunk

Only You are my Trailblazer.

Only You know the way.

And so I simply follow

keeping You always in sight.

We make our way home

on the true path

that You reveal

in every now.


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