Pumpkins Sky

In the patch I find

the most beautiful pumpkin.

Shaped like a compressed heart,

it is symmetrical

with a charcoal stem

orange of a desert sunset.


I will give it to my friend.

He will put it on his table

and be joyous at its splendor.


I search and search

for one as lovely for myself

but only find a crooked pumpkin

taller with less sheen.

I give the beautiful one to my friend

and he is grateful.


The next day he calls.

“I am cooking pumpkin!”

he exclaims.

My heart sinks

as I attempt to match

his enthusiasm.

I wonder,

Should I have kept

the prize for myself?

Is that my lesson?


I ask the Beloved.

A rush of joy fills me

buoyant, limitless love.

A thousand butterflies

take flight inside

as He says,

Here is the Beauty.”


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