Poppies at a tree with barbed wire flanders fields Please enjoy this guest post by my friend Logan Jo’el.


See them?

Many have come, many have gone, yet among them we are.

Curse them today, bless them tomorrow

Still amongst you are they.

Don’t run away from or despise them

Hold them too tightly they may slip away from your grasp.

Our Beloved placed them on our chessboard.

Move a few squares away and they may follow

Maybe not now but a surprise awaits on the other side. . .

Get too close and away they go

And here we go again.

See them. . .your cellmates?

They too as you have,

Carry anger, fear, and are in pain.

Silently they cry where the Beloved only sees them.

Can you love them as such?

Drop your baggage for a moment

To understand you have been placed

Where they may need you

And where you need yourself.

Curse them today and you curse the Beloved.

Bless them and you understand why you are,

You are love eternal.

Understand dear, the cell afflicts all, no matter who they may be.

If another pains you while in this correctional facility

Remember we have been here for ages.

Somewhere along the way,

Whether we wish to see it or not we inflicted the same.

When we can see this

We are closer to parole.

When we can love our cellmates,

When we can forgive the carnage,

The illusion we have weaved out of separation,

When we finally find the courage to accept His Love

We become freedom




See them. . .your cellmates?

They may not see the Beloved today

But they see soul’s Promise in you.

Logan Jo’el works in tech support, where he gets to “connect to people through voice.” He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his Bulgarian wife and their daughter. In 2000, he became a student of MasterPath under the tutelage of Sri Gary Olsen. Of this he says, “I could resonate with the Light and Sound teachings as expressed in MasterPath (www.masterpath.org) because I finally felt with all my heart I was where I needed to be. What drives and inspires me? Love!”

Photo: istock

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