Pink Orchid

You enter the Soul Protection Program

all the old identities gone

the torture of being an agent of Kal*

finally ceased.


You live in a kind of heaven

a palace below a limitless sky

distant blue mountains shimmer

fat doves drink from a fountain.

Now you work for the side of giving

rather than getting.


You have turned.


These souls you pass in the grocery store

or while walking in the woods,

you live among them but are not of them.

They cannot know of your turning.

They cannot see your shift in allegiance

from a supporter of the material

to a servant of the Friend.


And yet you love them

more deeply than ever before

and give to them every morsel

because now you own nothing

and so have nothing to lose.


You have no fear of being “made”*

for you are now completely protected

and you know that in truth

there is no enemy

no other side.

All delivers you

to this place

of pure freedom

in the



*Kal—Sanscrit name for the ruler of the lower, dual worlds

*made—in spy-speak, one’s identity compromised

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