High meadow storm

This guest poem by Michael Hock illustrates how my life feels these days.

The Storm Inside

Where once it was lightning and thunder

cataclysm, the final convulsion

that turned my wheel, as if Armageddon

catastrophe, must herald the truth

my longing has gentled me.

Now change comes with falling leaves

how sunset plays with light.

Fire and brimstone, calamity of destruction

the slap of despair and vision of doom

replaced by simplicity

collecting wildflower seed

or how the wind stirs the chimes

and cold air seeps in the window at night

making bed a heaven, just for a moment.

Nothing becomes less, not less than truth

just, I am more subtle

needing less illustration, noticing more revelation.


Now the Beloved’s words, cherished deep in me

have become my perfect storm

sweeping away all that went before

making my world anew

as I quicken into my own resolve.


Michael Hock lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a  long-time student of the MasterPath, www.masterpath.org. He loves to write about the pure celebration of life that is a result of his efforts to perceive the true and the real in every moment, and how the Divine, embodied in the Sat Guru, opens the faculties of perception and recognition so that life can be lived in joy and dedication.

Image: Santa Fe Mountains