Clouds Cirrus 2

I always wanted someone

to steal me away

on a grand sailboat

to a tropical isle,

with palms and a turquoise bay,

or in a plane

over lofty peaks

to wildflower meadows

where butterflies play.


I longed to leave my desert

the pain of this anvil heart

the boredom of my heavy-metal playlist,

find a new start.


One day the Beloved arrives

on a white stallion,

His entrance quieting the din.

He scoops me up

behind him on the saddle

and we ride toward home,

inward and yet farther in.


We skirt thunderheads

leap from cirrus to cirrus

and higher yet

into the pure empty blue

where the Music plays silently

a profound melody of freedom

a heart one with the *Hu.


We canter and canter

until He passes the reins

from His palm

to my own

and I realize

this is my horse,

my ride

and I

am home.

*In the mystical teachings, the Divine Presence given form as audible vibration.

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