Kauai Forest Window

Please enjoy this poem by JoHanna Hartwig.


Oh sweet one, why do you wander

aimlessly in the darkness through

the rooms of your mind?


Do you not see the glimpses of Light

from the Sun’s porch?


Why continue to shuffle from

side to side

in a ballroom with no music?


Do you not hear the rapturous Sound

of the Divine orchestra tuning up?


Run! Run to the inner window!

Draw back the heavy drapes!


Behold verdant meadows and glens,

azure skies and gently rolling hills!


Hear the sweet melodies of your

own unfinished symphony!


Be brave! Be courageous!

Be as a young child!


Go grab that chair in the corner,

climb out that window…


Run! Run up that Path on the hill


simply disappear into the thunderous

waves of

Light and Sound.


Why not today, Love?


JoHanna Hartwig lives in El Morro, New Mexico where she plays the Celtic harp and is continually inspired by the exquisite solitude of the landscapes.

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