Na Pali, Kauai

I will always want you

The Beloved says to me.

I think back to my mother who didn’t

When I was born

The lovers who did

But then left or I left them

The employers who did

But paid little and pushed hard

And then disappeared

The friends who I no longer see

The wine that once eased

But then hurt my head

The elaborate feasts

That stole my strength.

Even the movies that warmed my heart

One day became dull

And my dog, Alma, closed her eyes

And didn’t reopen them.


I will always want you.

That Love, from my true Friend,

With each thought



Breath and chant

Grows wider and broader

Takes me into It and Expands me

Until I am It

And we are everything

The oceans and continents

Sun, moon, stars

The winter grass silver in the night

The robin chirping at dawn

The cat curled warm against my side.

I will always want you

Is finally true.

Image shot along the Na Pali Coast, Kauai


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