“We have a human body in order to discover our own spiritual essence, and for no other reason. We are not down here simply to create a family, we do not incarnate just to work on an assembly line, and we are not here merely to find the ideal mate or to wear beautiful clothes. We are here to eventually realize that we are exactly like God. In soul, we are a drop of pure Spirit that is identical to the Divine Ocean, and this discovery is termed Self Realization. The entire purpose of life is to discover, to realize, that you, in your true identity, are soul. This is life’s divine purpose. As the ancient directive says: Man, first know thyself. When you find out who you really are, this is referred to as Self Realization, and it is at this critical juncture in life when you are then able to truly come to know Spirit and God.”—Sri Gary Olsen, from Soul’s Divine Journey, available for free at www.masterpath.org

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