I invite you to savor the imagery in this guest post by Robin Tawney.


This ship awaits its captain, Blessed One.

It sits in dock at the edge of the world,

for only You can steer towards the sun

across that vast, deep, velvet darkness pearled

with stars. The ageless crew remembers well

lifetimes searching for the Passage: the days

becalmed, afloat on hot glass; nights a hell

of freezing rain, mountain waves, sky ablaze

with lightning. Those other captains?  Frauds all.

Their charts? Disguised self-portraits framed in gold.

We drifted, starved, wrecked, sank, chasing the call

of sirens. But now You stand, as foretold,

upon the deck. Sails grow wings; we ascend,

to travel the heavens time without end.


Robin Tawney lives in Albuquerque, where he has a private practice in body-centered psychotherapy, and writes poetry about his ever-evolving relationship with the Beloved.

P.S. I shot this ship of stone photo in the desert ocean near Chimayo, NM.

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