Here are some definitions that may help you navigate your path.

  • O’clocked – A blow to the head from believing time is real.
  • Exasterbate – What mind does when it thinks there’s a problem.
  • Déjà Poo – The feeling that you’ve heard this crap before.
  • Mindful – Bearing in mind. Aware. Focused on the moment’s task, as in “chop wood, carry water.”
  • Masterful –  Bearing in the Beloved. Aware of God in all creation, as in “chop love, carry love.”
  • Forlone – Sad and lonely due to separation from one’s true self.
  • Caterize – To sear someone with a catlike gaze.
  • Dogfrontation – An encounter that involves raised hackles and baring of teeth.
  • Reinconsternation – The sense that you’ve acted this way before and yet you can’t seem to act any other way.
  • Catemplation – Insights that come while petting a cat.
  • Catupuncture – When a cat’s claw inserts through the skin at a specific point especially to get your attention.
  • Invisionary – One blessed with the foresight to see the journey within.
  • Perplexify – What happens whenever the mind tries to solve what it assumes is a problem.
  • Incringe – To encroach upon in a way that makes a person cringe. As in, He incringed upon my space.
  • Optimystic – One who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.

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 Thanks to

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