Years ago, my spiritual teacher was speaking to a large group when suddenly a man in the audience stood up and, with fury in his eyes, yelled, “Why do we have to listen to you? Why can’t any one else talk?”

My teacher’s answer was simple: The audience was there to hear a spiritual Master speak. What most impressed me though was what my teacher did.

As soon as the attack came in, my teacher didn’t back up or even stand his ground. Instead, he immediately moved toward the man. He moved all the way to the edge of the stage he stood on.

Through the years I have held this image as an ideal of how to meet challenges.

I want to be clear, though. My teacher was not attacking. He simply stepped into the experience.

This video by Mariela Georgieva illustrates what happens when we are willing to step in.

Thanks to Thomas Reidy for sending it my way.

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