Every experience is a journey in spirit. A poem by my friend Mary Johnston illustrates this perfectly.

My Lesson from Boston

There was a terrorist attack at my front door today
The bomb was constructed meticulously with wires of worry and angst over all that had to be done in a day
The explosive fuel chosen carefully, an attitude of ungratefulness refined by thoughts of wanting all obligations to vanish in a puff of smoke
The timer, my own clock, the one I fight with daily, the false idea that it can solve problems if I had more
The day lies before me
The choice is mine
I am about to go for a jog on a beautiful morning
But the clock is ticking and the bomb is poised to go off
Spewing its effects, barren of love, across my day and throughout my house
Removing laughter and joy and peace
I go inside myself to find the dismantling tools
He hands them to me before I can even speak
A river of gratefulness rushes into every corner of my mind, and I am humbled by the recognition of every Divine gift in my life
The bomb is dismantled
There will be no little explosions snapping at my children or shrapnel flying into my ex’s back, or smoke clouding my inner light and His brilliance all around me
Every bit of work, every obligation to family and friends and myself colored in calm, peace and acceptance
Only the soft breeze of love can be felt behind my words today, fanned by His awesome Grace of gratitude

Mary Johnston, a mother of two teenagers, teaches fifth grade in the Boston, Massachusetts area. She pursues spirituality through the Light and Sound teachings of MasterPath.



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