As a travel writer, one of my duties has been to rate accommodations. Of course I have an ideal against which I measure all. These hotels or resorts possess a five-star ambiance. A room in such a place might have thick Persian rugs on maple floors, gold tile in the Jacuzzi bath and silk bed covers over 2,000-thread-count sheets.

A bottle of French wine and an array of sushi await me. I pour a glass and head to the balcony, where a turquoise sea stretches to a limitless sky. I sit and sip the nectar, experiencing the refinement surrounding me, the quiet lapping of waves, the sweet scent of bougainvillea. My whole being settles into this elevated ambiance.

And such is my true work daily, to create and sustain a five-star ambiance within my inner temple.

When I stay at a fine hotel I always know the refinement of the room will carry through my whole experience at that place. During the day I might play on a pearly beach and swim in crystalline water. At night, I might sit on a cushy banko and watch the sun blaze scarlet into the sea, while I feast on grilled halibut with roasted root vegetables and broccolini, followed by chocolate mousse cake. Every detail is colored by that quiet, luxurious feeling. For more on this, see I Am Love.

And so does the ambiance of my inner temple permeate—create—all of my experience. I can go to great lengths to set up a five-star inner accommodation—fast, chant or be silent, recite affirmations, think positive thoughts, read inspiring books. But the truly elegant and lasting atmosphere is created when I reside with my Beloved. I work and play with the Source, eat and sleep with It. And thus, It permeates all, allowing me to bask in the love that I truly am.

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