The Light and Sound teachings, of which I am a student, instruct that we incarnate into every physical form in our journey to know our true God selves. This happens along an evolutionary continuum, and yet since time and space are an illusion, it occurs in the now. This is the basis for my poem.


The Lover’s Breath

How could I ever forget

The weight of my basalt self nestled against the earth?


How could I forget

The arch of my great whale body as it skims the ocean floor?


How could I forget

The whoosh of my feathery wings while they flap in flight?


Most of all

How could I forget

The Lover’s breath on my neck as I sleep?


All exists here, now

The rock






Born into each, a flicker of memory


The avalanche

The razor teeth

Ripped flesh

Catapult from the sky

Bruised heart


Dim all

Until I sleep in the dark

Of bone and skin of a new body.


This is true

I think as I dive deeper and deeper into the dream of what I am not.


It is not God who erases the truth, but me.


The flame always burns.

It is I who

Leave its illuminating glow.


Of course I forget

Just as any moment I can again remember

The all of creation that

I am.

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